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Safe Shield Protected has Member companies located throughout the United States. Use the map search tool below to find an authorized service contractor near you. Please type in your zip code in the search bar to find the location closest to you on the map. Click on the map icons for the address, phone number and driving directions. You can also zoom out to locate additional authorized locations.    |    833-858-SAFE   |    Become an authorized Member contractor

1517 State Street, Ste. 300, Sarasota, FL 34236

Safe Shield Protected™ is a customer service Member benefit of PRAXIS S-10 ®. It is not a legal service, nor does it provide insurance for services rendered by a Member company. Member companies within our service network are independently owned and operated heating and cooling service contractors. Safe Shield Protected does not guarantee the outcome of our services or intervention with Member companies. In the event that Safe Shield Protected can not remedy the issue or complaint, you may have other remedies available to you in your state. Only contractors authorized by Safe Shield Protected or TruTech Certified are licensed to display the Safe Shield Protected or TruTech Certified logo. Residential service only. If you wish to verify a Member company before services are performed, please contact us.

If you are a Licensed Contractor and would like to become a Member of Safe Shield Protected™, please click here.

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